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BJJ – The Complete Course for Beginners


1 A - Welcome

Video 1A

This video welcomes you to your course - Start Your Jiu Jitsu Journey

You are introduced to coach - Troy Skidmore (Black Belt & Owner of Limitless Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness in Sunbury, Victoria).

Coaching Jiu Jitsu full time since 2014, we have heard the same concerns and questions surrounding people wanting to start training Jiu Jitsu, but are just too overwhelmed with the uncertainty of it, such as:-

  • Am I fit enough to start?
  • I have no experience
  • Am I too old?

The upcoming videos walk you through all of those unknowns and will equip you with the information to confidently start your training.

Let's get into it.

*If you like, TAG yourself in the course using #limitlessmma & #startjiujitsujourney

1 B - What is Jiu Jitsu and how does it work?

2 - Determine your purpose to train

3 A - Brief understanding of dominant positions

3 B - Mutual Position

3 C - Standing Position

3 D - Joint Locks and Chokes

4 - Body Fitness and Mobility

5 - Basic Jiu Jitsu Movements

6 - Overview of the Belt System

7 - Picking your Academy

8 A - Getting Ready for your First Class

8 B - Putting on the Uniform

9 - Contacting your Academy before your first class

10 - On the Mats for the first time

11 - Your First Roll

12 - The Don'ts When Rolling

13 A - After Your First Class

13 B - Training Kit

14 - Benefits of training Jiu Jitsu

15 - Congratulations