Your Sunbury Facility
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Limitless is your Fully Equipped Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Fitness training centre in the heart of Sunbury.

Take a sneak peak at where you will be training.

We train both athletes, casual competitors and people looking for something different to learn in the amazing arts of BJJ and Muay Thai and offer;

  • 100 Square meters of Olympic quality mat space. These mats are a non-abrasive surface and a single piece construction. This means no abrasion burns and better hygiene.
  • Punching bags, long bags, heavy bags, boxing gloves, pads, skipping ropes aid our strikers to reach their maximum potential while focusing on correct technique in their training.
  • Full commercial gym comprising of Exercise bikes, rower, free weights, Olympic bars and bumper plates, kettle-bells, rack system, fit-balls foam rollers and plyometric training gear is all available
  • TV and viewing area; perfect to watch the mats
  • stock sold on site to meet your training requirements – proteins, drinks, apparel and supplements

We are a facility that welcomes men and women and accommodate both with change rooms.