Troy – Head BJJ Coach

TroyTroy is Owner and Head Coach at Limitless MMA & Fitness and is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). While training and competing in BJJ since 2002, Troy has won several State and National titles along his journey and has extended his training and love for competing in other countries, such as the United States.

Troy’s areas of training encompass other arts such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Bodybuilding; whereby Troy was a body building competitor in 2007. BJJ, along with all things fitness is Troys passion. Coaching and training people who love being on the mat and in a positive mind space is what drives Troy to provide support and motivation to people with similar interests in health and fitness; to help people achieve their full potential to create a better quality of life.

Limitless will inspire, create and motivate you beyond your limits. It stands for everything Troy believes in. You will be coached, guided and provided with a friendly and positive environment, where you will learn and expand; to obtain a ‘Never give up attitude’.

Come and be apart of the family who have tried and tested the training techniques available and let us help you achieve your goals; whatever they may be – We can get you there!

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Megan – Personal Trainer & Nutritionist


A Qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Megan has experienced firsthand the true benefits of adopting a fun, results driven fitness regime accompanied with natural food habits. She is a mother, a student of BJJ and Muay Thai and loves weight training. Megan started her journey in 2006, becoming a member of a gym and exercising with a friend. Megans love for fitness grew and she became increasingly involved, particularly when she started seeing results and looking and feeling healthy. Megan wanted more and undertook the Certificate III and IV in Personal Training, along with an Advanced Diploma of Nutrition in 2008, to build a stronger foundation on what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Megan also actively trains in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and her role within Limitless and as a Personal Trainer is to assist and motivate those who aspire to become fitter, healthier and stronger to regain a healthy outlook on life. Megan will provide you with the expertise, motivation and nutrition advice, as well as a great workout. You just bring the willpower and inherit the feelings and benefits of what fitness can bring.

Trent – Massage Therapist


Trent is a qualified and practicing Remedial Massage Therapist and has been performing massage on clients since 2003. Trent holds a Health Science Diploma in Remedial Massage, whereby he can perform Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Relaxation Massage.Trent has been fortunate to assist a wide range of sporting groups with massage including Running, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Wrestling, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and football; where he worked with the Carlton Football Club. This has provided Trent with comprehensive and wide-ranging experience in recognising trouble spots on clients with ease, to improve their physical state and encourage relaxation and healing of the muscles.Trent is aware of the benefits regular massage provides in accommodating sports facilitated injuries, stress factors and a range of disorders from everyday life; and also understands that massage therapy compliments all walks of life from athletes, right through to the sedentary, injured and elderly.Trent is also a Blue belt student of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Boxing, so knows all too well the benefits massage brings to these sports and how effective it is at healing, relaxing and calming the body to recover and continue regular activity.

Antony – Muay Thai Head Coach

AAntony Foti

2010 is when Antony; Muay Thai Head Coach at Limitless MMA began training and competing in Muay Thai. After developing a swift liking to Muay Thai, Antony quickly realised the many benefits it would offer him including getting fit, building confidence and relieving stress and anger developed during a working day or week (Relatable reasons experienced by many people).He has been fortunate to experience a multitude of opportunities to train at many gyms across Melbourne and Thailand; also being invited to compete in the highest and most respected Muay Thai cards in Melbourne; including Road to Rebellion and Rebellion. These opportunities have provided him with great experience and exposure in the martial arts scene and has shaped his solid and technical coaching style, allowing him to now have his students invited to compete and take on the same opportunities. Antony is always trying to gain more experience and absorb all that he can in the sport he loves to pass onto his students. Antony adopts an extremely technical approach to training, drilling out and perfecting the fundamentals. Antony’s classes are extremely enjoyable, but he will put you through your paces; will help you build strong technique and will encourage you to get the very best out of yourself both physically and mentally – to develop character, courage and simultaneously developing confidence.